Let the 2016 SaltWater fun begin!!!

04 Jul

I finally got back out where I belong… On the Saltwater
After a few uneventful trips to some lakes, I had to get out in my back yard. I got my bait, then started to head out towards my normal drop spots. Took this nice shot before I set off:

My trusty stead is an Ocean Kayak Ultra 4.3

I managed to get my go pro all set up, and took a awesome selfie..

You just cant beat this view heading out further offshore…

I ended up getting into quite a few sculpin, which wasnt really what I was looking for so I didnt take too many images of them, but have video footage I have to sort through which I caught this gem:

I did however get into what I was hoping for bouncing a big ole 11oz jig off of the bottom, you can now say hello to my 1st Cod of many for 2016

After that and my ADD getting the better of me, I found my way to a little inshore spot where my mastery of the Flounder kung-fu took over.
I started off with over the counter rig that I’ve never used before, but got fed up watching the Flounder pick at my bait, but never take any. I switched back over to my old set up, and the fun started…
First fella I caught was this guy:

And as you can see, I was pretty happy.
I then got quite a few more:

Then out of no where, this little bastard decided to join the party:

For those that done know this species its a Pollack.

Overall I have to say for this being the 1st time I was pretty happy with the result. This time of year is still a bit of hit or miss given the colder temps, but I couldnt wait any longer. There will be much more of this going on, so anyone that’s interested in coming out, just let me know, and we can make the arrangements.


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